Need a Personal Assistant
Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if your daily duties could be put out to a Personal Assistant, so as to raise the quality of your life to an even higher level.

Who doesn’t dream of a life surrounded with splendour and luxury? A Personal Assistant who takes care and provides you with an undisturbed day off to play golf or to make a carefree city trip.

Have you ever thought of contacting LuxuryLifestyleServices? By calling in a Personal Assistant you create spare time to fulfill all your dreams.

LuxuryLifestyleServices supports you with practical services, advises on professional and personal matters to let you optimize the quality of your life.

LuxuryLifestyleServices supports businesses, business persons, institutions, private persons and expats (relocation agent) who lack time to arrange their business trip, their photo- or pr-activities, events and parties, or who do not have time to look after their sick dog in their private lives.

We are experienced in a broad range of activities. The founder of LuxuryLifestyle-Services, Sonja Bestebroer, has been pr-manager at a theatre in Amsterdam for many years. She has broad experience in marketing, publicity and communications. In addition she is a photographer and has worked as a free-lancer for several clients, such as: the daily newspapers De Volkskrant, De Telegraaf and the Metro and magazines such as Arts en Auto, Dier en Arts, Trouwen and National Geographic. She is also qualified as a paraveterinarian and has a extensive experience in looking after pets. In short, she is an expert in many fields!

Marianne Pitters has been an entrepreneur in (body) fashion and interior styling and decoration for seventeen years. She has worked with well-known labels like Marie-Jo, Aubade and clothing from G-star and Louis Vuitton amongst others. She designs corsages for weddings and parties. Marianne also arranges creative workshops for businesses.

The Personal Assistant supplies you with small to extensive services in all sorts of activities. The area in which the Personal Assistant is active extends as far as Amsterdam, the Zuidas, Amstelveen, Buitenveldert, Landsmeer, Vinkeveen, and Abcoude, but services can also be provided for outside this area.

Discretion and mutual trust between you and our P.A. is important. We work with a declaration of confidentiality if desired. The personal approach and the “á-la-carte” policy distinguishes our company from others.

LuxuryLifestyleServices stands out in a wide variety of services, is customer- and services minded, provides quality and offers you a unique experience.

In addition to once-only assignments, the Personal Assistant can support you on a fixed, part-time basis or temporarily on a full-time basis.

LuxuryLifestyleServices is a contemporary modern company experienced in customer-related services for many years. And is successful! Many businesses, private persons and institutions have already found their way to LuxuryLifestyleServices.

If you want some more information, you can reach us by phone. We can tell you everything!.

Put us in your favourites, you never know when you need us.